Flewfie’s Adventure the overwhelmingly cute side-scrolling shooter co-developed by British studios Valorware (best-known for 9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil) and Cosmic Boop (a.k.a., Stephanie Newton) is now available on Steam!

Featuring trippy visuals and earworm-worthy music,
Flewfie’s Adventure invites players to fly across the Sticky Caramel Coves, explore the shimmering scenes of the Crystal Plains, and sneak through the murky depths of the Abandosphere in a fully customizable UFO – and much, much more.

The Story So Far

Planet Cutemellow is in trouble – and Uzzu (joined by his swarm of monsters) is here to make things even worse! In Flewfie’s Adventure, players take on the role of Flewfie – a brave kitty with nerves of steel – and a killer group of friends: Scientist Snail, Bunn Bunn, and Pinky Panda. To stop Uzzu, players will need to shoot everything that moves and solve simple puzzles along the way – exploring five distinct worlds, embarking on side quests, and locating a very sneaky Glop the Puzzlemaster in every level.

Available worldwide on Steam (Windows only), Flewfie’s Adventure has been featured in a number of outlets – including Gaming Today, GamesRadar+, DarkZero (UK), GamingLyfe, The Gaming Ground, and Gamer2.

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