The Premonition Update (previously known as the Timeline Update) is now available! It introduces two new features to ECHOPLEX Early Access: Premonition and Timelines.

Check out this nifty explainer video:

When you activate Premonition, time freezes. This allows you to explore the environment – moving through any area that is already unlocked – while your Echo (or Echoes) stays frozen in place. When you exit Premonition, time unfreezes and the chase is on again. You can enter and exit Premonition by pressing the TAB key.

When Output Games first released ECHOPLEX Early Access, some players told the studio that they were completing levels by simply running blindly until they solved the puzzles. This update introduces a time limit to each level and a lifespan to each Echo. The time limits are customized specifically to each puzzle – so you’ll really have to think about how to complete the level using the seconds you have available. If you want to freeze time and think for a bit, just hit TAB and enter Premonition!

The Timelines show how much time you and your Echoes have left in that particular level. You’ll see two sets of timelines onscreen:

  • Main Timeline: On the left side of the screen is the Main Timeline, which displays your remaining time. Switches you activate are marked as colored lines. The white triangle indicates when your Echo will enter the level.
  • Echo Timeline: On the right side of the screen is the Echo Timeline, which displays your Echo’s remaining lifespan and records the switches it has crossed.

When the Echo Timeline runs out, it disappears from the level. When the Main Timeline runs out, the level resets – and you’ll find yourself back in the test chamber.

Note: Since the Premonition Update makes fundamental changes to the way ECHOPLEX works, any existing game progress will be lost.

Developed by Output Games, ECHOPLEX has been featured in a number of outlets – including Hardcore Gamer, GamersHell, Yipee Ki Yay Mr Falcon, Invision Community, Gaming Cypher, and Rely on Horror.

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