The state-of-the-art, ARKit-powered drone simulator Dronetopolis AR has arrived on the iOS App Store!

Making full use of iOS 11’s AR application, ARKit, Dronetopolis AR allows you to hone your drone-piloting skills as you explore your surroundings in stunningly realistic augmented reality.

Developed by CircleSquare Entertainment – a studio founded by a drone enthusiast who also happens to be a professional photographer – Dronetopolis AR’s flight dynamics were modeled after the real thing for pitch-perfect control. On top of being way more affordable than a real drone, the game also eliminates batteries, bad weather, flight restrictions or costly repairs. In the mood to share some footage? Record and stream your in-flight antics to wow friends and family members.

Available on Windows and Mac, Dronetopolis AR has been featured in a number of outlets – including,Gaming Cypher, Apps Me Now,, Invision Community, and ARKittens.

Read more about Dronetopolis AR and CircleSquare Entertainment here.