In Dex, a side-scrolling RPG from BadLand Games and Czech developer Dreadlocks, players are taken to the futuristic city of Harbor Prime — where they’ll help a young girl, Dex, on her quest for “the Singularity” … when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. Dex is being chased by corporate mercenaries, but she’s not alone: Three “hactivists” — Raycast, Decker, and Tony — want to help Dex on her quest.

The game allows users to defeat enemies, hack turrets and other devices (as well as enemies with implants), and choose how Dex evolves over time. Users can also make decisions that influence the fate of other characters. Overall, players will be able to choose from multiple solutions to overcome the game’s challenges.

Dex has been covered by Gamer Assault Weekly, Hardcore Gamer, Many A True Nerd, DavetheUsher, and PlayStation Universe.

The game is available on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

Update (Dec 2016): Dex is a now also available on PS Vita. More details to come!

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