Prepare to take the role of an 8-foot, 375-pound killing machine full of protein in WHOA!’s and Groupees’ 2.5D side-scrolling action adventure platformer Cyber Chicken. As the toughest poultry-est hero of a dystopian New York City of the future, you’re on a quixotic mission to kick ass, get revenge, and save the World.

The Fakebook, Big Bucks Coffee, and intergalactic leader GW have played you for a fool. They had you wasting your time chasing after scrawny cyberpunks instead of the real villains. Gear up with the Magnum 357,000, Napalm Flamethrower, Sawed-Off Howitzer, Thermonuclear Dual Uzis, and more to take these corporate giants down … one bullet at a time.

With fun combat and platforming, outrageous humor, and a fully upgradeable Cyber Chicken arsenal, this game is a clucking good time.

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Cyber Chicken is available now for on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.