Cube Critters is the newest iOS game from RedFish Game Studio – the indie developer that brought you the mysterious Isoland in 2016.

Navigate treacherous mazes across five picturesque voxel environments in this exciting competitive multiplayer game full of hidden traps, ridiculous emojis, and friendly mocking.

With 50 (count ‘em – FIFTY!) single-player levels, the so-cute-it-hurts art style and responsive touch controls in Cube Critters are sure to keep you entertained, and you’ll unlock a huge variety of cuboid characters along the way! Although the game is already fun in Training Ground – which teaches you the basics – it’s the multiplayer mode that reveals Cube Critters’ true nature.

Grab your Facebook friends for an impromptu race … or go head-to-head against complete strangers via the Wi-Fi option. While speeding ahead is a sound strategy, keep in mind the versus mode also includes a number of deployable traps you and your opponents can use against one another, Mario Kart style!

If that isn’t enough, you can even taunt (or cheer on) your opponents with a robust emoji feature. Have some extra seconds lying around? Hit the opposition where it hurts with a well-timed angry face!

Available on the App Store, Cube Critters has been featured in a number of outlets – including Hardcore Gamer, Review Fix, Pop Geeks, Gaming Center, Christ Centered Gamer, and Invision Community.

Read more about Cube Critters and RedFish Game Studio here.