Caravan War, the beautifully illustrated trading adventure by Hiker Games (developer of FZ9: Timeshift), has just entered Beta 🙂

To join the Beta, visit the Early Access tab in Google Play on your phone or Android tablet – or click on the link below:

Set in a medieval fantasy world, Caravan War will have you manage a commercial empire with immense resources – including a well-equipped caravan perfect for trading goods and gold … or for ambushing other traders! But watch out: You can also be raided by others who will have no qualms about seizing your products. Greed is good – and you’ll need to excel at it in order to upgrade your caravan and guards.

The Caravan War Beta has been featured in a number of outlets – including Android Community, Girl Gamers UK, and Gaming Cypher. Read more about Caravan War and Hiker Games here.