Boxing Champs, a new arcade boxing game by indie dev Raz Games, is now available on Steam! Mixing top-down arcade gameplay with more traditional boxing mechanics that use both analog sticks, Boxing Champs delivers a solid arcade-style experience akin to ‘80s and ‘90s beat ‘em ups … with a touch of Punch-Out!! 

Boxing Champs features full player control over punch selection, combinations, and knockouts. The game also allows players to challenge friends in local multiplayer (online is in the works) or in a full-blown Career mode with 30 preset characters and short three-round bouts. The game supports custom boxers as well – thanks to a robust customization system packed with 70+ hairstyles, hair color, body color, body type, gloves, shorts, and boxer stats. Finally, Boxing Champs features multiple arenas (including Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles) and four different champions that stand between players and the unified title.

To win, boxers need to snap the jab from the outside and throw combinations – or get inside with hooks and uppercuts to deliver the winning blow. At the end of the road, the goal is to unify the titles and become the undisputed World Champion.

Boxing Champs is available on Steam and has been featured in a number of outlets – including Flickering Myth, GAMING TREND, Blue’s News, The Gaming Ground, Christ Centered Gamer, and myGamer.

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