Survival isn’t always of the fittest. Sometimes, even the most unlikely of individuals can become the strongest survivors. In the intense VR sci-fi action wave defender, BladeShield — developed by Rank17 — take on the role of a lone security officer aboard the transport vessel Titan-X, and stop a rogue A.I. from causing complete havoc!

Become the greatest dual-wielding savior. Switch between a light blade and proton shield in each hand — blocking with the shield and swinging the blades for maximum damage. With sawbots, blaster drones and mega turrets coming at you in haste, block and deflect incoming laser bolts from enemies to charge up your blade — and at the right moment, smash the floor with it to unleash a powerful EMP blast!

Coverage has been featured in The Vertical Slice, VR Games For, GameSpot, Hardcore Gamer, VR Focus, and Pop Geeks.

Check out BladeShield on Steam HTC Vive and become the ultimate security guard. Akimbo!

More information on Rank17 and BladeShield can be found here.