Combat, strategy, and space sim rolled into one? No, You Shut Up! Games’ fantastic multi-crew co-op/competitive spaceship-themed combat game, Atomic Space Command, mashes up spaceship combat with strategy and simulation — producing a fine blend of awesome in the process.

In this extra-multiplayer title, join your buddies and construct your own, badass spaceship — and then team up with other pals to create a formidable armada in arena battles. It’s all about collecting the Spice Atomic before your enemies snatch it out from under you — or just blast you out of the stars and pick it up at their leisure. With dozens of different ship parts — chassis, weapons, thrusters, and more — you can ensure that your team can handle all the danger out there. Manage a crew and ship on your own and with allies to create an unstoppable force — dominating your enemies in thrilling space battles across the quadrant.

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Master the galaxy on Steam Early Access (Mac, Windows, and Linux)!

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