Artifice: War Tactics is a turn-based strategy set in a medieval fantasy world where victory is earned through cunning tactics and skillful execution. Place your allies strategically to set up deadly attack zones, powerful combos, and more to defeat your foes across various battle scenarios. Strategy brings victory; carelessness means death! The demo for Artifice: War Tactics is now available on Steam

Steam Next Fest Demo Trailer

Representatives from Silvine Game Studios will stream the game LIVE during Steam Next Fest this Wednesday and Friday at noon Pacific Time. Here are the details:

DateTimeDevsStream Link
Wed, June 2112:00 p.m. PDTNeeraj Kumar
Founder & Lead Developer
Sanjeev Kumar
Dev Support & QA Specialist
Fri, June 2312:00 p.m. PDTAubhik Nath
Co-Founder & Lead Designer
Vishal Mohan
Co-Founder & Lead Developer

A turn-based strategy game focused on outwitting your enemies through deception, Artifice: War Tactics takes some inspiration from XCOM and Into the Breach – challenging you to carefully place your allies in order to set up devious traps, trigger truly devastating combos, and reclaim your kingdom. Only the most cunning players will survive wave after wave of relentless foes, conquer strongholds, seize treasure, and live to fight another day!

Artifice: War Tactics has three core pillars – Deduce, Anticipate and Maximize.

  • Deduce: Observe enemy positions and deduce where they are most likely to set up an ambush.
  • Anticipate: Anticipate where the enemy is most likely to move in the following turn to position your champions.
  • Maximize: Set attack zones and trigger a chain reaction of combos to strike as many enemies as possible

Key Features

  • Set traps: Place your allies to set up attack zones called Overwatches. When enemies enter the Overwatch, your champions attack! 
  • Let none escape: Trap enemy lines in your Overwatches by positioning allies carefully.
  • Trigger chain reactions: Assemble an array of champions to pierce, burn, poison, and pull enemies into other Overwatches – creating an explosive chain reaction. 
  • 16+ playable champions: Unlock and customize every ally. Upgrade their traits, stat bonuses, and new abilities as the campaign progresses.
  • Spoils of war: Bolster your squad by pillaging enemy provinces for unique loot. 
  • 5+ bosses: Challenge bosses in their strongholds to claim new territory.


A free demo is now available during Steam Next Fest. Pricing and launch date for the Early Access release are yet to be determined. Wishlist and follow on Steam at

Learn more about Artifice: War Tactics here.