The upcoming turn-based strategy game Artifice: War Tactics has received a number of updates as the V2 demo heads to DreamHack Beyonds Summer Indie Showcase and Steam Strategy Fest later this week 🙂

Gameplay Video:

Events At-A-Glance

  • DreamHack Beyond Summer Indie Summer Showcase: Friday, August 18 – Sunday, August 27
  • Steam Strategy Fest: Monday, August 28 – Monday, September 4

About Artifice: War Tactics
Set in a medieval fantasy world where victory is earned through cunning tactics and skillful execution, Artifice: War Tactics has you place allies to set up deadly attack zones, powerful combos, and more across varied battle scenarios. Strategy brings victory; carelessness means death!

V2 Demo: What’s New?
Here’s the full changelog for the Artifice: War Tactics V2 demo:


  • New intro
  • New starting champions: Pyromancer, Berserker, and Ranger
  • New enemy: Terrodon
  • New battle mode: Retrieve the Artifact – and return to the safe zone before turns run out
  • New battle hazard for the Mountain biome (Frost Wraith); whenever a unit takes an overwatch hit while adjacent to this creature, they will receive damage and the Frostbite effect
  • Undo any action that has not triggered an overwatch
  • New sub-objective for battles: An additional enemy (non-hostile) unit spawns at the start; eliminate the unit to complete the sub-objective!
  • New tips/hints panel can be accessed anytime during battle
  • New dialogue event system


  • Concussive blast trait (Zephyr) updated with a passive ability that flings enemies out of the Arena (provided they’re standing at the edge) – instantly killing them
  • Goblin sellsword and bowmen health increased from 6 to 8
  • New “Double Move” ability to Relic (now Ember bomb) for more mobility options
  • Terra and Arcane resources are no longer available at the start of the campaign
  • The destination zone for the Relic (now Ember bomb) has been reduced
  • Relic (now Ember bomb) health decreased from 8 to 6

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Shard rewards add a shard rather than restoring a consumed one
  • Escort battle reworked: You must now escort the Ember bomb to the Shrine of Theosus and destroy it

The Artifice: War Tactics V2 demo will become available Friday, August 18 on Steam.

Learn more about Artifice: War Tactics and Silvine Studios here.