Arrows & Sparrows from Bit Craft Studios is now available on iOS, Android, and the Amazon Appstore. The slingshot shooter challenges players to save Goldie the Goldfish from a group of hungry birds.

In each of the game’s 80 levels, players can fire at birds by tapping and holding on their crossbow to aim, and letting go to shoot. Players are challenged to earn the required number of points in each level using only five shots.

As users play, they’ll encounter a variety of birds, each with different behaviors. For instance, some birds will swoop down and attempt to grab Goldie out of the water, while others will drop eggs that spawn additional birds.

Thankfully, players can defend Goldie using a few powers of their own. For example, one power allows players to shoot three arrows at once, while another power protects the player from bombs.

Arrows & Sparrows is now available to download for free on iOS, Android, and the Amazon Appstore. The game contains 20 free levels, and players can unlock 60 additional levels for $0.99.

With help from Novy Unlimited, Arrows & Sparrows has already been covered by a number of outlets, including TouchArcade and Download3K, among others.

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