Archmage Rises puts you in the role of a disgraced mage, unfairly expelled from the Magic Conclave and left to your own devices in a harsh fantasy world. What you do with that is utterly up to you. Will you take out your anger on the world around you? Or will you work toward the betterment of others?

In this tabletop-inspired open-world RPG created by solo Canadian developer Thomas Henshell (Defiance Game Studio), you’ll make decisions that will affect everything in-game: life, death, local economies — even relationships. With the game’s permadeath system, you’ll be able to explore a variety of approaches to your new life as a powerful young mage within streamlined play sessions free of travel time and repetitive random encounters.You’ll explore dungeons, discover ancient artifacts and hone your magical craft in arcane libraries. You’ll be able to swear fealty to nobles, acquire land and ever more resources, invest in town shops, and even start a family or two. Your apprentice selection will be a key factor, as well — not everyone is as loyal as they seem.

Coverage is available at Hardcore Gamer, 3rd-Strike, Inside Indie, Big Boss Battle, and Gaming Cypher.

Archmage Rises has been Greenlit on Steam!

More information on Defiance Game Studio and Archmage Rises can be found here.