Looking for a full-featured MMO on the go? That’s what Arcane Online promises to bring to your iOS and Android devices: a built-for-mobile MMORPG that lets you become a mighty warrior, a divine shaman or a powerful mage in the dark fantasy world of Eldine.

Looking for PvP Action? Arcane Online has it. Raiding with up to three of your friends? Arcane Online has that, too.

Developed by PlayWorks Corp. and published by GALA Inc., Arcane Online promises exciting quests to raise your character level, find legendary equipment and avatars, and even set your game to auto-move to keep grinding while you need a quick break from micromanaging your game. There are massive dungeons, copious loot and bosses to smash into the ground. Join a guild, fight the Siege War and join the action in Arena, Battlegrounds, Guild Wars and Player Killer modes to keep the action coming.

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Arcane Online is free to download and play on both iOS and Android around the globe – get in on the action today — at home or on the go!