Brutal arcade game AFTERGRINDER has launched on Steam! If masochistic level design, insane speeds, and broken bones sound like a fun escapade, then you’re in the right state of mind to experience this exhilarating 2D runner.

Published by M4, and developed by Grave Danger Games, AFTERGRINDER drops you head first in a modern-day tale of Romeo & Juliet: From the suburbs to the big city, two thrashin’ gangs battle for supremacy. When one gang member (“The Dude”) falls in love with his rival’s sister (“The Lady”), the suburbs are no longer safe. Now, the Lady must skate her way to the big city while grinding rails and dodging death to save her Dude.

Die, retry, and die again as you speed through town and try to stay alive across 90 gnarly levels in three stark, unforgiving worlds. With three playable characters, you can choose your shredding style:

*   The Dude (Easy) – for slow snoozer cruisers

*   The Lady (Normal) – for amateur shredders

*   The Shark (Hard) – for “insane-in-the-membrane” skate gods

Experience gravity-defying action by grinding through environments right-side up or upside down. Make sure you keep an eye on your surroundings, and quickly change your skater’s position to avoid hitting walls and hazardous platforms … or else. Need more speed? Using boost will allow for intense speed rushes as you grind across levels in a suicidal flash.

Available on PC, AFTERGRINDER has been featured in a number of outlets – including Kotaku, Blue’s News, Hardcore Gamer, DarkZero, GameSpew, and PC PowerPlay Magazine.

Read more about AFTERGRINDER and Grave Danger Games here.