Error300 Games’ Welcome to My Cave is launching today on the App Store and Google Play! Experience the humble beginnings of humanity’s first steps into the unknown. Reap the rewards as your tribe progresses from scrounging up the bare necessities to producing the finest technology (and architecture) the ancient world has to offer.

Launch Trailer: 

Building Your New Tribe

In Welcome to My Cave, you are the young chieftain of a new tribe – setting out to prove your leadership skills to your father. While every settlement starts off with toolmaking and agriculture, you’ll bring a fresh perspective to post-cave living as you develop more advanced technologies and improve the lives of your tribespeople. The sky is literally the limit as your cultural and scientific innovations leap beyond what any caveperson has dreamed up before.

Research and invest in new technology to increase production. Build up your civilization and go from stone buildings to modern dwellings. Maybe you’ll even get to Mars! With more than 100 buildings to unlock, who knows where you’ll end up. Your tribe, your rules! Just remember: A tribe is a terrible thing to waste.

Welcome to My Cave is available now on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. 
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