Brown leaves, a cozy fireplace… It seems that Thanksgiving has arrived in YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble 🙂

Now is the time to befriend another powerful Yo-kai, Komajiro S. Don’t take too long, though: It will all be over on November 27. Get cracking on those mission events to earn Thanksgiving coins, and take your chances on the Crank-a-kai to win your very own Komajiro S. 


Komajiro isn’t one to let his older brother get too far ahead of him. When Komasan came to the big city, Komajiro followed. When Komasan learned to be a city slicker, Komajiro followed. When Komasan became a man about town, Komajiro followed. And now that Komasan has reach S-Rank, it’s time for Komajiro to follow! How? By eating as much turkey as possible!

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