Single-player puzzle-platformer REHTONA – featuring parallel universes and a branching, ethereal narrative with alternate endings – has arrived on Steam!

The game tells the story of Rehtona – a girl who is trapped between two contrasting worlds: the Light World, and the Shadow World. After suddenly finding herself alone in the latter, Rehtona must collect “memory fragments” to find out what happened – but whenever a complete image is assembled, a memory that doesn’t seem to belong to Rehtona becomes imprinted onto her mind instead …

Developed by Chinese studio Dot 4 Joy, the stunning pixel art, complex gameplay, and endearing protagonist in REHTONA (“ANOTHER” spelled backwards) have plenty to offer puzzle and retro gaming fans alike.

Each level in REHTONA features a complete sequence of puzzles derived from the interactions between the two worlds. Players act in one world and anticipate how it will impact the other world in order to overcome puzzles and find memory fragments.

As she painstakingly collects each missing piece by bouncing between two distinct dimensions, Rehtona’s ultimate quest for the truth may be more than she bargained for – a shocking revelation about herself … and even reality itself.

“It Was Just an Ordinary Day….”
Rehtona attends an event in the town plaza, when the world as she knows it begins to change without warning – and another world appears to overlap with reality. Suddenly, Rehtona finds herself alone in the plaza – and an unfamiliar door appears before her eyes. A weak voice can be heard behind the door … calling her name.

Rehtona musters up the courage to open the door, but she can only see a desolate landscape beyond it. Then her own world begins to shatter as she falls into unconsciousness.

When she wakes up, she realizes that she’s still in her own world – but this world has now become empty and isolated … similar to what she saw on the other side of the door. She then finds a photo lying in front of her house containing a simple yet mysterious message: “Find yourself.”

Available on Steam (Windows and Mac), REHTONA has been featured in a number of outlets – including Flickering Myth, GAMING TREND, Pixel Judge, Geek Nifty, Pixel Related, and Marvin Games.

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