Bring your own game to life with sandbox platformer MagiCats Builder – now available on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store!

Gamers of all ages can design and build a beautifully-animated platformer just like Rayman and Wonder Boy for FREE on desktop PCs and mobile devices – starting with PC, iOS, and Android.

Drag-and-drop to your heart’s content, define behaviors (boss patterns and more) – and place hazards/platforms in a simple, user-friendly manner. MagiCats Builder also includes a virtually infinite number of user-created levels for those long, sleepless summer nights. Talented designers are encouraged to share their best work with the community and join in on the fun!

A World Beyond Imagination
In MagiCats Land, coding was a long-forgotten, mysterious skill – an elegant tool for a more civilized age. But the moment Caramel the Cat embraced the power of code, he was instantly transformed into a MagiCat – determined to master the art of coding to share it with the world! Caramel soon gets busy populating the entire world with his creations – but he begins to grow bored … and turns to his fellow MagiCats for help. And lo and behold, this elite group of MagiCats all begin building “Catstructions” together – challenging one another to gather characters and create bigger and better Catstructions. Every MagiCat that plays a Catstruction gets rewarded by the International Confurderation of MagiCat Amusement (ICMA for the insiders) for encouraging other MagiCats to get out and exercise. Competition is fierce: Outstanding Catstructions are ranked based on popularity on a weekly basis – and as you’d expect, all MagiCats long to be #1 on the list.

Content & Feature Updates
After eight months on Steam Early Access, French developer Dreamz Studio collected and implemented a lot of valuable feedback from the community. Thanks to invested players and their amazing creations, the launch build is a vast improvement over the Early Access release:  

  • More challenging enemies
  • Beautiful new environments
  • Additional creation capabilities
  • More powerful character abilities
  • Tons of new character skins
  • 2-4 player multiplayer mode
  • Greatly improved graphics
  • Smooth 60fps gameplay!

Available on PC, iOS and Android, MagiCats Builder has been featured in a number of outlets – including TouchArcade, The Gaming Ground, Flickering Myth, PopGeeks, Invision Game Community, and Gambit Magazine.

Read more about MagiCats Builder and Dreamz Studio here.