Remember the good old days of punching, double-jumping, bouncing, and exploring your way through vibrant levels while collecting crystals and defeating enemies on a quest to restore peace? Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, developed by Drakhar Studio and published by BadLand Games, is a 3D platformer feels like a blast from the past that will remind you of the legendary 3D platformers you played long ago.

Help Ginger, a small yet mighty forest creature, rebuild and restore balance to a world devastated by the explosion of a mystical crystal. With three mystical worlds to repopulate, 15 levels filled with challenging puzzles and enemies, and 15 hidden bonus levels there’s plenty to discover all the while acquiring new abilities along the way. If you miss adventures filled with crystal collecting and platforming, fill your heart’s desire with Ginger: Beyond the Crystal. 

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Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is available now on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

More information on BadLand Games, Drakhar Studio, and Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is available here.