It’s hard out there on a ghost, and even tougher on poor George, a phantom who fears the dark itself. Luckily, he’s got you to help him through his trepidation in George: Scared of the Dark.

This charming-yet-challenging iOS game will keep you entertained and inspired across 10 procedurally-generated levels as you help George the Ghost conquer his fears.

George: Scared of the Dark might be cute, but it’s no walk in the park. You’ll have to land every jump with precision, taking George or any of the three other unlock-able characters through each devilishly clever environment. No replay will be the same as the levels are generated on the fly, making sure that only the quick of finger and brain will emerge un-scared and victorious.

“I created George: Scared of the Dark for platforming fans who were itching for a real challenge,” says Alex Petlenko, founder of developer Wall West. “George delivers that and more — including a narrative about facing and conquering your fears. Come for the gameplay and stay for the story :)”

Download3K calls George: Scared of the Dark “challenging, fun, with a captivating plot.”

ReviewFix has a lovely interview with Alex Petlenko, Founder of Wall West, too, with all sorts of insight into the game and the development process.

Other great coverage includes posts over at Pocket Gamer, HorrorWorld, The App Times and The Gamers’ Temple.

Available now on the App Store for $1.99, George: Scared of the Dark will keep you entertained and challenged for countless hours of fun.