Clumzee’s playful vibe and wonderful art style were a great fit for us. Created by Slovakian developer Triple Hill Interactive, Clumzee tells the story of Jimmy — a “clumsy” furball who has been nicknamed “Clumzee” by his not-so-friendly “friends.” Tired of dealing with the verbal abuse, Jimmy decides to climb the legendary (and very dangerous) Dreaded Path to prove himself – and put the bullies in their place. As Clumzee, players touch the screen to move each one of his limbs in the desired direction. Clumzee features eight procedurally-generated thematic worlds — each granting an adorable favorite furball a unique ability. Beyond that, there are 30 different costumes to unlock for Clumzee — including famous historical and pop culture-themed outfits!

In addition to handling the launch, we worked with Triple Hill on social media posts and tweets — incorporating comps, gameplay videos, and the team’s art archive into some fun content. Triple Hill also put together some creative gif “comps” the blended pre-existing live action gifs with characters and other elements from Clumzee!

Clumzee has been covered in Gaming Cypher, Frequency, Android Rundown, App Advice, Invision Community, and Pocket Meta.

Read more about Clumzee and Triple Hill Interactive here.dxn_geon_ornament4_4