Adki Works’ Synthwave-Driven game Chaser Tracer is launching today on Android and iOS! Featuring a nostalgic soundtrack and endlessly addictive arcade gameplay, Chaser Tracer delivers finely tuned, blood-pumping ‘80s thrills to smartphones and tablets everywhere.

Launch Trailer:

Sporting cool vaporwave visuals and a soundtrack to match, Chaser Tracer dares you to safely deactivate a mass extinction device known as the Oblivion Orb – racing against time to decode thousands of alien symbols before it annihilates all life in the universe.

In Chaser Tracer, you decode alien symbols in the form of shapes that vary in size and complexity by tracing them with your fingers. A security device designed to protect the Oblivion Orb, the Chaser will stop at nothing to carry out its mission. Decode the symbols before the Chaser does – but be warned: It will get stronger the closer you get to deactivating the Oblivion Orb. If all else fails, make generous use of your power-up slots – simplifying a symbol or slowing down the Chaser, for example.

Available worldwide on Android and iOS, Chaser Tracer has been featured in a number of outlets – including TouchArcade, GameZebo, Droid Gamers, PocketGamer, DarkZero (UK), and AppSpy.

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