Ever had an urge to help construct the eighth wonder of the world? That’s the thinking behind Castles —a charming Match-three puzzle game developed by WhootGames and published by BadLand Games. King Harold has tasked you with the role of bringing glory to his kingdom by building the tallest tower anyone has ever seen. 

Castles boasts 50 levels in Story mode — with a Survival mode for the determined player, and a Versus mode to play with friends. Challenges await as unpredictable weather, and the vengeful and jealous, King Edmund, attempt to stop your upward progress. Make King Harold proud and build the next world wonder!

The King’s ambitious goal has been noticed by many — including COGconnected, iDigitalTimes, PlayStation LifeStyle, and Co-Optimus.

Castles is available on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

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