Novy was enchanted by the stunning visuals and engaging mechanics of Anima: Gate of Memories — a beautiful game that has been greeted warmly by the press and consumers alike. Published by Badland Games and developed by Anima Project, Anima: Gate of Memories is a third-person action RPG focused on combat and exploration.

Players enjoy a deep and multifaceted story — where their choices and actions directly impact their journey and decide the characters’ fates … with multiple endings. As players travel through the tower of Arcane and the gorgeously animated world of Gaia, they’ll endure epic battles with formidable opponents — each with special features and gameplay.

At launch, Anima: Gate of Memories was available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Update: In October 2016, BadLand Games and Anima Project released the OST and Mac version on Steam — along with spooky skins (Dark Witch Bearer and Undead Lord Ergo) that remained available even after the Steam Halloween Sale was over 🙂

The action RPG was covered by a number of outlets — including IGN, Siliconera, and Destructoid.

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