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With more than 12 years in business and 2,000+ launches, Novy has the experience to handle all your marketing and PR needs so that you can focus on development!

Our team can build your social media presence, establish influencer and press connections, develop effective marketing strategies, write engaging copy, provide comprehensive playthrough reports, and create high-quality launch trailers. We offer expert consultation and production services at affordable, indie-friendly rates.

Let’s talk. Start by emailing hello@novyunlimited.com – and we’ll go from there!

A Passion for Games

Novy Unlimited has worked with games in a variety of genres – including Action, Arcade, CCG/TCG, Fighting, FPS, Horror, MMO, MOBA, Music, Platformer, Puzzle, Racing, Roguelike, RPG, Strategy, and more.


Public Relations

  • Product Launches
  • Updates
  • Pre-Announcements
  • Media Relations
  • Coverage Reports
  • Developer-Focused Interviews
  • Commentary
  • Contributed Pieces
  • Reddit AMAs
  • Corporate PR Outreach
  • Deal Announcements
  • Partnership Announcements


  • Copywriting/Editing
  • Asset Creation
  • Posting
  • Tweeting
  • Forum Outreach
  • Engagement
  • Newsletters
  • Streaming
  • Media Plan & Implementation
  • Contests / Giveaways / Competitions
  • Customer Support
  • Influencers


  • Retail Analysis
  • Sales Assessment
  • Playthroughs
  • Story Analysis
  • Text Edits / Localization
  • Game & Software Production (Art / UI / Audio / Animation / Props / VFX)
  • SEO Audits
  • Mock Reviews
  • Monetization Evaluation
  • Developer Vetting
  • Funding / Publisher Outreach
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Development
  • Programming Support (Unity / Unreal)


  • Logo Design
  • Key Art Creation
  • Online Press Kit
  • Web Development
  • Company Sites
  • Product Landing Pages
  • Video Ads
  • Trailer Production
  • Product Walkthroughs
  • Explainer Videos
  • Narrated Game Guides
  • Wiki Creation and Updates
  • Comps and Animated GIFs
  • Social Media and Ad Creatives
  • 3D Printing


  • Remote Booking
  • Onsite Media Relations
  • Booth Support
  • Launch Events & Parties
  • Themed Events
  • Tournaments
  • Press Conferences
  • Roundtables
  • Demos
  • Showfloor Promotions
  • Photography
  • Cosplay
  • Planning & Management

“Novy does a great job, gets their stuff done on time, all the time, and are wonderful people to work with. Most recommended.”
– Bill Swartz, President and CEO (Mastiff)

“Working with Novy Unlimited was very easy and an absolute joy. They will take care of the PR and marketing activities for you and relieve you from the burden of having to handle social media, or to send press releases, as decided and agreed with them.”
– Adam Solo (Praxis Games)

“Hiring Novy PR to help launch our first game was easily the best investment we have ever made. We got amazing coverage, hit the front page of the App Store and Google Play, and ended up with a devoted fan base that has been following us ever since.”
– Seth & Sam Coster, Co-Founders (Butterscotch Shenanigans)

“Novy has done an excellent job and has greatly amplified our launch. This week, The Spatials was everywhere and traffic was an order of magnitude higher on our home page — which is a good indicator, since it only has indirect linking from the Steam store page. And more importantly, the exposure greatly helped get more clicks even inside Steam — since people recognized the name and logo from their browsing. If it wasn’t for Novy’s work, we could have sunk early and fast.”
– Carlos Carrasco (Weird and Wry)

“It’s rare that I get a press release with a subject line I don’t want to change, but not that one;
it remains fully intact.”

– Kirk Hiner, Editor (TechnologyTell)

“I’ve been super happy with our move to a PR agency (Novy) over doing it ourselves.”
– Brian Bucklew (Freehold Games)

“Novy is the best PR team! Ty guys, we’re having tons of success with our launch.”
– Matt Siegel & Robert Del Papa (Bit Mass)

“An agency with exceptional expertise in servicing game developers and publishers. Very happy to say that Novy provides services to FarVision on game production and marketing.”
– Fran Duncan (FarVision Studios)

“I typically follow up with the developers, or the PR firm representing them, in order to gather
some additional info about the project. However, Novy’s initial email was
so detailed that I didn’t need to follow up.”

– Patrick Tretina (Indie Game Magazine)

“Great marketing and promotion, focused in their industry, good track record, transparency.”
– Pete Markiewicz

“Novy Unlimited is a well knit, organized and highly knowledgable company that I have the pleasure to work with. Novy always works around my schedule and most importantly are empathetic and downright friendly. I wish Novy Unlimited nothing but continued success as they carry on making their mark in the video game industry.”
– Dennis Hogan

“The recently published book, ‘Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, Fourth Edition,’ is highly informative and a great read for anyone interested in learning about or involved in the gaming industry.”
– Fran Duncan, Founder (FarVision Studios LLC)

“Novy Unlimited’s preparation, organization, and communication was clear from the start. As part of the team, I felt respected and empowered. Professionalism and passion are part of the company’s DNA, apparent at every stage and in every area of the company.”
– Eileen Cruz

“Fantastic working relationship with Novy and their clients. They pay well, value mutual respect and individuality, and encourage innovation and creativity. I really enjoy being part of a company that makes it their business to share exciting and innovative games with loving fans.”
– Jeffrey Allen

“Novy is an incredible team and uses professional systems to get the job done right and on time. As a 3D animator/game designer I really appreciate seeing a team so dedicated to the little details game testing requires. They work well with every developer and provide so much potential for growth. I truly admire this team and all that they stand for.”
– Tara Taylor

“One of the most welcoming and innovative marketing teams I’ve ever been a part of. As a game lover, I thought I knew it all. Working for Novy has taught me more about game development and marketing than I ever expected. This is the kind of team you dream of working with.”
– Alex Perry

Meet the Team

Jeannie Novak

Jeannie Novak


Luis Levy

Luis Levy


Julie Morley

Julie Morley

Marketing Manager

Steven Kasparek

Steven Kasparek

Production Manager

Ben Hartmayer

Ben Hartmayer

Technology Manager

Cecile Brulé

Cecile Brulé

Content Manager

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction

The fourth edition of Game Development Essentials: An Introduction takes readers on a fascinating journey through the game development process and the industry itself.

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