Move out of the way skateboarding dogs – wakeboarding dogs are now deemed as the coolest of the cool. In the “endless surfer”, Woody: Endless Summer, developed by Brazil’s INDT (Instituto de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico), you play as a wakeboarding mutt named “Woody” who has some seriously gnarly skills.

Jump, spin, and dive your way on tricky waves to become the most elite wakeboarding dog of the world. Show everyone that you have what it takes by performing tricks while jumping over islands, swiftly dodging dangerous obstacles such as spiky mines, and timing your jumps perfectly to make daredevil dives to rack up the most points. Go big or go home — earn enough points and you’ll make it on the leaderboard.

Coverage for Woody has appeared in Touch Arcade, That Moment In, App Advice, Droid Gamers, and GamerDad.

Join Woody on the waves at the App Store and Google Play!

More information on INDT and Wake Woody is available here.