To hunt vampires, you’ll need guns … lots of guns. Mow down vampires, demons, and everything in-between in Vampire Hunters – a new retro FPS coming soon to Steam Next Fest. The undead are about to learn the true meaning of bullet hell!

The Steam Next Fest Demo Trailer is available here.

Inspired by the indie hit Vampire Survivors, Gamecraft Studios’ Vampire Hunters has players stack weapons until you end up with absurd, impossibly awesome builds. Test your firepower, die and then try again with rogue-lite elements, insane-yet-useful upgrades, and addicting “just one more try” gameplay. Relentless action, blood-pumping music, and a darkly steampunk world combine to deliver a gun-crazy, fantastical FPS experience unlike anything else on Steam.

Lead producer Tiago Zaidan will stream the game LIVE during Steam Next Fest on the following dates/times:

Monday, June 19 @ 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Friday, June 23 @ 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time

Key Features:
Stack up new weapons to amass earth-shattering firepower.
Slay vampires, demons, and everything undead by the dozen.
Collect every firearm – from classic revolvers to submachine guns – and even a robotic arm!
Explore a unique steampunk environment in Transylvania.
Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!
Inspired by old-school first-person shooters and the innovative gameplay from Vampire Survivors.

A free demo will be available to the public during Steam Next Fest. Pricing and launch date of the Early Access release are yet to be determined. Wishlist and follow on Steam.

Read more about Vampire Hunters here.