The vast, frozen wilderness of Alaska is the setting for The Wild Eight — the cooperative survival experience like no other from 8 Points, a team from one of the coldest places on Earth where they “eat bears for breakfast, develop games for lunch, and gather firewood for dinner.” We set out into the Internet badlands of Kickstarter to make the dreams of The Wild Eight a reality.

Having surpassed its $50,000 development goal with two weeks left in the campaign, 8 Points’ eerie adventure is poised to become a runaway hit. The team crafted this plot-driven game based in part on their own lives: existing in a frigid location and working together to succeed against the odds. This procedurally-generated survival experience can be played by your lonesome — but the experience is greatly enhanced when playing with your compatriots to journey, scavenge, and survive together.

The Wild Eight will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms.

The Wild Eight has been covered by Cliqist, GamePro, ONRPG, and Hardcore Gamer.

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