South Gale’s beautifully illustrated episodic adventure game Terafyn has launched on iOS and Android. Featuring magical beings, lurking terrors, and unpredictable spinner-based combat, the game’s intricate narratives and quests are perfect for those in the mood for some old school RPG action with all the creature comforts of a high-end mobile game.

Once Upon a Time…

The Great Being Esyn shaped worlds to create life in the cosmos – ensuring balance by sending god-like children to rule in pairs. Terafyn, one of the many worlds created by Esyn, was ruled by Ona and Aros – siblings with strikingly different personalities and beliefs. Ona was benevolent and merciful, while Aros was harsh and authoritative! As one might expect, a horrific war ensued.

 After the war ended with Ona’s sacrifice, both gods were sealed away – and the memory of them and their children faded. In the present time, strange creature sightings and disappearances are rumored to have taken place in Terafyn; people fear the return of Aros, as unlikely as it may seem. Still, there is hope: A prophecy promises that a descendant of Ona will protect Terafyn and its people from Aros, should he rise again …

Our story begins in a small fishing village, Brittlemire. You and your father are gathering venterwort in a nearby forest to cure recently ailing villagers. If only this was a simple story! It will take more than magical herbs to face what lies in wait … in the woods.

Check out Kelsor Penfodder’s compendium of works “On The Nature of Natural, A Compendium of Geosophical Insights For The Inquisitive Traveler” to learn more about the fauna in Terafyn:

Terafyn Compendium

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Terafyn has been featured in a number of outlets – including AppUnwrapper, Pocket Gamer, Android Police, HappyGamer, and The Mac Observer.

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