Tangram Collection – the new puzzle game by Mosaic Chronicles creator Error300 Games – is launching today on both iOS and Android! Challenge yourself with non-standard sets of puzzles and expand your repertoire with this fresh spin on the classic tangram puzzle for veterans and newbies alike.

Launch Trailer:

A Long, Addictive History

Reportedly, the original tangrams first appeared at the dawn of the 19th century in China. These addictive puzzles had players combining triangular pieces (called tans) to form a simple image. All pieces needed to be used and could not overlap. The sheer elegance of this format made tangrams a worldwide sensation even then.

Tangrams have come a long way since their global debut, with modern variations introduced beyond the original set of 7 puzzles. Tangram Collection furthers that reinvention – offering a welcome variety to players looking for the next step in tangram evolution.

Tangram Collection is available now on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. 
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