Return to the Phantom World! Veewo Games is proud to announce that Super Phantom Cat 2 – the sequel to the critically acclaimed platformer – is now available as a free download on the App Store.

The newest installment in the Phantom World saga, Super Phantom Cat 2 introduces all-new parkour gameplay and a more elaborate visual design encompassing a huge variety of worlds and characters.

The sequel tells the story of Ari and his little sister, Ina, who encounter a giant robot while on a stroll across a deserted land. Mesmerized by the immense robot, they get distracted – and a mysterious gang kidnaps Ina. Ari must now rescue his sister and bring her home … whatever it takes!

What’s New in Super Phantom Cat 2?

With four brand-new chapters – each with seven unique levels – this Phantom Cat installment features new enemy types and myriad obstacles that Ari must face on his quest to save Ina. To even the odds, friendly sprite Elo will be there to guide you. Uncover secrets and collect data to unlock more than 15 new playable characters – with awesome new characters already in the works.

Super Phantom Cat 2 takes it up a level – improving upon the original game in many ways:

  • Engage with even more unique and creative heroes … and enemies!
  • Interact with an improved interface for a more satisfying user experience.
  • Enjoy rich backgrounds, levels, and more intricate storytelling.
  • Experience a smoother gameplay experience, with well-balanced gameplay for players of all skill levels.
  • Play across multiple devices simultaneously – including Apple TV (with support for Android TV coming soon).
  • Customize your base with accessories using IAPs that go beyond standard upgrades.

In addition, five special abilities known as “Penta Phantom Powers” have replaced the many sprites found in the original game. Penta Phantom Powers can drastically change how you interact with the Phantom World:

  • Plant: Grow vines to scale walls or tie-up monsters
  • Blink: Zoom between objects
  • Ice: Freeze monsters
  • Smash: Smash objects
  • Resize: Resize monsters (coming soon)

The first game in the Super Phantom Cat franchise was featured on CNET’s “Best Mobile Games of 2016” and Mashable’s “5 Can’t-Miss Apps.” It also won the “Best of the App Store” and “Best of Google Play” awards in 2016.

Super Phantom Cat 2 has been featured in a number of outlets – including Pocket Gamer, TouchArcade, BuzzFeed, AppAdvice, The New York Times, and Gamezebo.

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