Somber, a hand-painted action platformer filled with stunning locales and terrifying encounters, is now available on Steam! Developed by You Will Get There, the game has players take on the role of a friendly (but deadly) creature fighting for justice in the semi-open world of Gloom. 

In more ways than one, Somber is what would happen if Tim Burton developed LIMBO but included the game mechanics from the Ori series. Built meticulously for those interested in a real platforming challenge, Somber can be experienced in two ways: slowly, allowing players to soak up the atmosphere โ€“ or quickly, like a more traditional platformer.

Key Features

  • Make things right in a world filled with shadows.
  • Living, breathing environments you can explore.
  • Hauntingly beautiful, hand-drawn graphics.
  • Requires precision platforming and nerves of steel!
  • Atmospheric music score by Jonatan Sรถderstrรถm.

Somber is now available on Steam.

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