The charm of this quirky 2D game immediately caught our attention! Developed by multi-talented beatbox artist, Heatbox (under his studio, Heatbox Games), unique puzzle-based tower defense game Robots In The Wild lets players build a “robofortress” by rotating and strategically placing falling blocks using a Tetris-style ecosystem. Blocks can be connected in different formations to build robots such as: PewPewBot, BlasterBot, the DwellingBot, BatteryBots, and many more.

Coverage is available at Alpha Beta Gamer, Dad’s Gaming Addiction, Dayton Does Gaming, Gamasutra, GamersHell, Gaming Cypher, Altered Confusion, and WWGDB. 

Robots in the Wild was Greenlit on Steam!

Read more about Robots in the Wild and Heatbox Games here.dxn_geon_ornament4_4