Heatbox Games announced the release of Robots In The Wild on Steam Early Access. The tower defense game challenges players to construct their own “Robot fortress” that can withstand natural disasters, as well as attacks from the monsters that come out at night.

In Robots In The Wild, the Robots lived in peace until their mothership was hit by a huge asteroid, scattering their Blocks, and precious Robots called <HEARTS>, across the galaxy. Now, users must build a fortress to defend the Robots by rotating and strategically placing falling Blocks in a system similar to that of Tetris.

Players can construct a variety of Robots, each with different abilities, by connecting Blocks in the proper formations. For instance, the PewPewBot can shoot lasers out of its mouth, while the DwellingBot produces four BatteryBots that give power to other Robots. As players build their fortress, they must ensure everything connects through the Blocks power grid, as all Robots must have a clear path to a BatteryBot.

Once night falls, players will encounter a variety of monsters determined to destroy their fortress. Some monsters have many mouths, while others explode on contact. There are even monsters so large they can instantly swallow the fortress in a single bite. Thankfully, players can construct LampBots so they can see what’s going on in the darkness.

Robots In The Wild is available to download on Steam Early Access for $9.99. The game can be played on Windows and Mac. Since the game was Greenlit, an additional boss fight, more bonus challenge planets, a simulator mode, and gamepad support have been added to the game.

With the help of Novy Unlimited, Robots In The Wild has been covered by a variety of outlets, including WWGDB, BleedingCool, and Alpha Beta Gamer, among others.

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