Relic Space is now available on Steam Early Access!

A roguelike RPG with 4X strategy elements, Relic Space dares you to rebuild civilization following a galactic catastrophe by completing diverse missions for your faction and engaging in deeply simulated, hex-based combat as an elite starship pilot. Add in realistic movement rules (based on actual space physics) and hundreds of game-changing ship upgrades, and you have a recipe for endless hours of turn-based fun.

Steam Early Access trailer:

Story & Gameplay

Taking place in the year 2612, Relic Space features more than 40 distinct regions that players can explore while customizing and upgrading their very own ships. Beyond grid-based, tactical turn-based combat familiar to fans of traditional roguelikes, Relic Space also features realistic damage (think BattleTech) with status effects for individual items. Each weapon, engine or utility item can catch fire, leak power, and generally be buffed and debuffed. Equipment items also affect the ship in unique ways – including manual adjustments for heat and energy levels.

In the Relic Space backstory, the galaxy as we know it lies in ruins after a world-ending event known as the Fall. Players take on the role of the legendary Omega – the elite pilot wing of a community of survivors known as the Order. The only way to rebuild civilization is to acquire and research “relics” of the advanced technological past – now scattered among the broken remains of planets and structures that make up the Relic Belts.

During the Early Access period, a rich, branching storyline will be added – via new handcrafted missions that will add to the wide range of procedurally generated missions already in the game. There will also be regular additions of new player skills, research, equipment, factions and other game features to create an ever more epic experience.

Key Features

  • Tactical turn-based space combat: Use your tactical skills on a hex grid with fast-paced ‘one-tile-per-turn’ mechanics – inspired by traditional roguelikes but with a fluid, modern feel.
  • Deep simulation: Realistic combat mechanics simulate damage to individual ship components. Each weapon, engine or utility item can catch fire, leak power, and acquire many more status effects. You will also need to manage heat, energy and fuel levels by making smart movement and equipment choices.
  • Non-linear exploration: Freely traverse a procedurally generated solar system with handcrafted elements; 4 main factions and 7 minor factions pursue research, trade, construction projects, and other goals.
  • Flexible development: Use your growing reputation and influence to acquire more powerful ships and equip them with countless weapon and utility combinations. Acquire new piloting abilities through a flexible skill tree, and research relics to unlock new powers and equipment.
  • Immersive setting: Uncover a rich, branching narrative threaded with endless procedurally generated stories in a detailed setting inspired by hard sci-fi.
  • Real space: Movement rules based on actual space physics: motion in a straight line is free – but turning, starting or stopping costs energy.


Relic Space is now available on Steam Early Access. It is compatible with Windows and Linux. 

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