Realm of Divinos, an upcoming action RPG with visual novel elements, is now on Kickstarter 🙂 Developed using Unreal 5, the game combines the choice-based routes often found in visual novels with a fully immersive 3D world that delivers an all new, epic action RPG experience.

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Choose Your Path

Realm of Divinos is a striking single-player adventure that features emotional, visual novel-style storytelling. Customize your character and forge your own destiny in a world scarred by war. Advance alongside unlikely companions and choose to aid heroes – or villains! – to become a legend in the two kingdoms.

You may choose to help the villains or the heroes – and in the process become someone the world reveres … or fears. Grow closer to your companions as your story unfolds. Take up your sword to fight those who oppose you, and obtain items to restore your health. You can also find true love … or help others fall in love!

The World of Realm of Divinos
Long ago, the Kingdom of the Crystal Light and the Kingdom of the Crimson Moon fell into a war that lasted until both were on the brink of collapse. Amidst the chaos and immense despair, a third adversary appeared: The Lord of Shadows. Desperate to survive against his terrible and unrivaled might, the two kingdoms joined forces – and with their combined magic, they sealed the evil away. United by the desire to repair their shattered world, the two kingdoms formed a lasting alliance to ensure that the Lord of Shadows would never again be released.

Now, a disturbance shakes the once peaceful realm as a vicious resurgence within the Crimson Moon Kingdom stirs. Mysterious individuals seek to return their kingdom to its former violent reign and are willing to do anything to achieve that goal. With the world once more on the brink of chaos, the fate of Divinos rests in your hands.

If funded, Realm of Divinos will be released – initially on Windows – in October 2024. The Kickstarter campaign is set to end on Saturday, June 11 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time / 12 p.m. Eastern Time.
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