Smash Boats

Press Kit

Developer: Smash House Games

Location: Vail, Colorado (US)

Release date: August 18, 2022

Platforms: Xbox One/Series S/Series X & Nintendo Switch


Price: $9.99 (Xbox) & $11.99 (Nintendo Switch)


Smash House Games

Smash Boats

Awards & Recognition

Indie Games Expo – 2019 Audience Choice Award

Press Quotes

“Now you can experience all of the zanny and near-drowning fun of the primary game with a friend as you take on multiple opponents for ultimate supremacy over the small body of water that you have no control over.” – Gavin Sheehan (Bleeding Cool)

“If maritime violence is your thing then Smash Boats might tickle your fancy.” – Tuffclub (The Sixth Axis)

 “Sure, playing online can be fun but there’s nothing quite like looking your opponent in the eyes when you crush their spirit. Thanks to an update … up to four Smash Boats players will be able to go head-to-head on a single Switch.” – Chris McMullen (Game Spew)

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Monetization Permission

Smash House Games allows the contents of Smash Boats and Smash Boats: Waterlogged Edition to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Smash Boats or Smash Boats: Waterlogged Edition is legally and explicitly allowed by Smash House Games.


Smash House Games
Jeff Johnson: CEO and CTO
Tommy Spampinato:  Art Director, FX artist, and animator
Genco Serpen: Physics and gameplay developer

Contact & More Info

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Jeff Johnson

Press contact:
Novy Unlimited

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Smash Boats is an action game with a seemingly simple goal: Smash everything in sight to conquer all! Sounds easy – but with relentless enemies, zany Mayday events, and unusual water hazards that can hinder your progress … it’s anything but, really. We’re talking about arcade-style difficulty in a glorious, colorful package filled to the gills with boats, special moves, wacky events, obstacles, and more. If you end up having trouble completing some stages on the Nintendo Switch, just have a friend join you for couch co-op! More than two? Party games – all 3 of them, all new – support up to 4 players.

Key Features

  • A boatload of pools to smash in – including a toy chest, a pool table … and even a toilet! 
  • 18 boats with unique smash-abilities such as: frying pan, shark bite, lasers, water-pound – and many, many more.
  • All boats can also submerge, ram, backward ram, power turn, and brake. 
  • Conquer stages and collect stars to unlock new boats and pools! 
  • Couch co-op (2-player co-op) and Party mode (3 competitive party games for 1-4 players) are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch – for now, at least.

Xbox Trailer

Switch Trailer


Screenshots (Xbox)

Screenshots (Switch)