Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown

A puzzle game inspired by the classic Atari Lynx title Chip’s Challenge


National Spork

Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown


Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown Now Available on the App Store, Steam & Mac App Store


The spiritual successor to Chip’s Challenge has arrived!


CLEVELAND – Oct. 1, 2020 – Inspired by the classic Atari Lynx title Chip’s Challenge, National Spork’s Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown is launching today on the App Store, Steam, and Mac App Store.

In Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown, players must use multicolored hazmat suits for protection as they face chemical spills, walk through irradiated zones, dodge giant viruses, and battle the misguided “Cleaners” – who, on top of being seriously uncool, have also kidnapped Hanford’s pet fox for good measure. Our hero must now clean up the environment with science – solving ever more challenging puzzles in order to eventually recover his beloved pet fox.

Apart from nearly 100 main levels, Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown also features dozens of fun secrets and Easter eggs – including a secret level and a puzzle that must be solved in real life. Both fans of Chip’s Challenge and newcomers alike will find plenty to do with 40+ hours of gameplay and nerve-wracking, handcrafted puzzles.

“During Halloween 2016, I bought real hazmat gear so that my nephew and I could go trick-or-treating as real hazmat guys!” says Tod Powers, founder and solo developer at National Spork. “That’s when the hazmat suit mechanism just came to me. As the project gained momentum, I studied puzzles with the goal of creating a fun game while also making players think. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Key Features

  • Unique hazmat suit mechanic – perfectly suited to puzzle-solving.
  • More than 40 hours of gameplay and 96 complex levels.
  • Multiple endings to uncover.
  • Challenging puzzles that build on each other.
  • Main levels and secrets that can be completed out of order.
  • Dozens of secrets and Easter eggs – including a real life puzzle (!)


Check out the exclusive Hazmat Hijinks Strategy Guide – created by National Spork’s Tod Powers as an homage to ‘90s video game magazines:



Pricing & Availability
Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown is now available on the App Store, Steam, and Mac App Store for $1.99 (App Store) and $9.99 (Steam and Mac App Store).

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About National Spork
National Spork was founded by Tod Powers to both advance the state of spork technology and promote the welfare of people across the world through the increased use of sporks. That project fizzled out rather quickly, so he switched to making elaborate, artsy video games — an endeavor that is known to be incredibly easy, not at all stressful, and a real quick way to make a buck. To learn more about sporks, Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown and National Spork, please visit https://hazmathijinks.com.

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