Who says summer is almost over? Welcome to the Endless Summer of Saturn!

Yes, the Sega Saturn. Once regarded as impossible to emulate properly. Doomed in America, revered in Japan, the Saturn featured twin Hitachi SH-2 RISC CPUs running at 28.6 MHz, two VDPs, double-speed CD-ROM drive, cartridge port (!), and a total of 8 dedicated processors – among them a criminally underused FM synth.

In recent years, most of us have come to realize that the Saturn essentially perfected 32-bit side-scrolling and vertical-scrolling shoot ’em ups, 2D fighting games, expansive JRPGs, and both 2D and 2.5D action platformers. Sega’s 2D beast updated the 16-bit template with the best graphics and music 32-bit technology had to offer in the ‘90s – including millions of colors, smoothly animated pixel art, and seamless scaling effects that brought the arcade home.


Today’s Challenge

Can Polymega do justice to 5 Saturn games known to be (very) difficult to emulate? Download and find out 🙂

(All videos captured at 1080p and 60fps.)





Burning Rangers



In the Hunt



Panzer Dragoon Saga



Virtua Fighter Kids



Polymega has been featured in a number of outlets – including VentureBeat, GameRevolution, MSPoweruser, Flickering Myth, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Operation Rainfall.

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