Unsurprisingly, PAX East 2023 took Boston by storm – and the Novy team was in the thick of it. Everyone had a blast showcasing seven unique titles at the Brace Yourself Games booth, which won Sidequesting’s Team Choice Award. Attendees gave their all for the Rift of the NecroDancer and Super Raft Boat Together contests, the winners walking away with big prizes and bigger smiles. Novy can’t wait to connect, play, and kill it again at PAX West! 

Steven Kasparek

As expected, working at PAX East 2023 with the Novy and Brace Yourself Games crews made for an outstanding and memorable event. Both teams were exceptional at showcasing and discussing the games with attendees – and together we brought a great PAX experience to the show floor. The newly-widened booth allowed room for everyone to enjoy their choice of several titles, join one of the game-specific contests or peruse the wide array of merch available. All in all, it was a smooth and highly successful PAX – and I can’t wait for the next one!

Cecile Brule

Working PAX with the Novy and Brace Yourself Games teams is one of the highlights of my year! I can’t overstate how good they are at planning the event, tackling problems, and improving each time. I wasn’t surprised that we received compliments and an award for our booth. Novy founders Jeannie and Luis definitely have a knack for assembling a professional, flexible, and fun team. (The booth staff stays in touch between PAXes even though we live in different states.) It’s also a pleasure to watch attendees fall in love with Brace Yourself Games titles; each one is fun and challenging in a different way. And PAX itself is sheer joy: I had the chance to play unique demos, shamelessly fangirl when I met a favorite indie dev, and connect with fellow gamers from around the globe. There’s nothing like a giant nerd party where everyone’s excited to share, play, and connect.

Eileen Cruz

Working with Novy Unlimited at PAX East 2023 was a fantastic experience. We had the pleasure of meeting many PAX attendees and introduced them to games they had yet to be able to enjoy. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm to dig in after our intros to the games and to see that enthusiasm only increase after playing them. The Novy team is intelligent, strategic, resourceful, and flexible. They ensure their booth teams have everything needed to ensure a successful event every time. It’s a delight working with them!

Jeffrey Allen

Working at PAX East in the Brace Yourself Games booth was – and has always been – a rewarding experience. Not only do I get to immerse myself in the excitement and enthusiasm of an industry and hobby I love, I get to interface directly with other enthusiastic professionals to talk about game development, marketing, distribution, and joy. Working with Novy Unlimited has given me an incredible opportunity to represent not one, but two fantastic organizations within the indie game industry and love absolutely every minute of it. I can’t wait to return to the best booth at PAX with BYG at PAX West!

Alex Perry

PAX East was the second PAX I’ve attended – and I didn’t expect the magic of the first trip to happen again. Of course, I was wrong! The Novy team isn’t just a group that comes together for PAX and tolerates each other. We keep in touch – and we always have an amazing time while we’re together. The struggle of standing all day is always worth it for how excited people are to be there and hanging with the team afterwards. The array of people I meet at PAX is always a journey in itself that never leaves me dissatisfied. I decided to calculate how many people I had to talk to at a minimum every day, since I run the demo entry line – and that number is 600, so I  wonder how I didn’t end up losing my voice! One thing I can say is I’m looking forward to the next one!

Tara Taylor

I’ve worked for Novy Unlimited for over 4 years and still experience new adventures! PAX East with Brace Yourself Games was a surreal experience. I’m about to finish school with a degree in 3D Production. This team has helped me meet new people and further myself in my career. When I tell people about my job here, everybody asks, “How do I get a part of that?” or “Don’t tell my kids!” This really makes it feel like the opportunity of a lifetime. Everyone on this team is smart, kind, and likes to have a good time. I really enjoy being part of this company and can’t wait for what the future has to bring for me. Novy has only moved forward since I started with them, and I hope to continue to be a part of it!

Rae Kumar

My very first experience with PAX was PAX East 2023 working for Novy. I cannot overstate how much of a rewarding experience it was. The individuals I got to work with from the Novy team were professional, fun, and had some of the best attitudes of anyone I’ve ever worked with. Their passion for what they do is so apparent – and it makes the entire event so much more fun and enjoyable. I knew without a doubt that any unforeseen obstacle we faced as a team would be easily solvable. Starting from the very top of the company with Jeannie Novak and Luis Levy, all the way down to the content managers who were on the PAX floor with me, I felt supported in every way. It’s rare to find a company with such warm and inviting individuals who guide you toward success. I am so grateful that my first experience with PAX was working for Novy. I had always wanted to attend PAX, and I’ve always been excited about the thought of joining a community of gamers. It just felt like it would never happen. Suddenly, it happened in a way I could have never imagined – and instead of just meeting people who enjoyed gaming as much as I do, I made professional connections and incredible friends along the way.