We’re thrilled to announce that you can now play the first demo for Passageway of the Ancients on Steam

If you like your CRPGs with atmospheric environments, visceral turn-based combat and complex lore, this one’s for you …

The demo is compatible with both Windows and Linux.

Teaser Trailer:

Steam Next Fest Live Streams – Schedule

The devs will conduct two streams of the game during the Steam Next Fest. Creative and technical director Jon Grierson will stream the game LIVE on the following dates and times:

Passageway of the Ancients – An RPG Like No Other

Inspired by classic CRPGs from the ‘90s and early 2000s, Passageway of the Ancients transports players to the world of Aieryon – the galaxy’s sole remaining magical planet – where they explore the city of Ithgar to solve their parents’ murder.

The game is being developed by Passageway Games – a three-person studio in Abilene, Texas that was founded in 2014 by septuagenarians Jon Grierson and John Hendrick, who first worked together 30 years ago on a medical device project. During that project, Hendrick was impressed with Grierson’s work ethic, creativity, and technical skills. Leveraging his 50-year history with RPGs, Grierson approached Hendrick with the idea of working together again on Passageway Games. Hendrick readily agreed to provide the financing – and the rest is history!

In Passageway of the Ancients, you’ll need to not only survive ever deadlier skirmishes but also manage your party, develop and customize your character, pick locks, and solve Runic puzzles. The game’s innovative battle system employs both turn-based and real-time combat – taking inspiration from historical weapons and tactics. Furthermore, the player has dual personas – a hidden “Dragonkindt,” and a public-facing race of their choosing (Dwarf, Elf, Human) – which must be leveled up at the same time.

Here’s the official description of Dragonkindt – taken from Jon Grierson’s unpublished novel, The Children of Xi-Shei:

Dragonkindt are part angelic being, part shapeshifter, and part Dragon. These creatures were thought to be merely the phantasms of some eastern poetic genius, inspired prophet, or demented scholar.

In the game, Dragonkindt are being ruthlessly persecuted – forcing each and every one of them to hide their true nature.

Key Features

  • Blended Combat System: Use both turn-based and real-time elements – drawing on real medieval weapons and tactics.
  • Dual-Persona Character Development: Develop your character’s two personas simultaneously – the hidden Dragonkindt, and a public-facing race of your choosing. 
  • Powerful Magical Items: Equip items carefully; they affect intelligence, will, and other character attributes.
  • Complex Decision Trees: Manage battle spoils, solve puzzles, adjust the frequency of special activities, choose interactions, and gather clues. 
  • Fully Customizable Characters: Choose your character’s alternate persona, appearance, and gender as Dwarf, Elf, or Human.


The first free demo for Passageway of the Ancients is now available on Steam Next Fest. The game is expected to launch in Q1 2024.

Learn more about Passageway Games and Passageway of the Ancients here.