Dead Drop Studios launched Outbreak on Steam. The cooperative top-down shooter challenges players to survive an outbreak of the undead after a government-funded cancer research project takes a deadly turn.

In Outbreak, up to four players can team up to investigate the cause behind the event, with each in-game character having different strengths. For instance, Mason, an experienced police officer, starts with a pistol and is more resistant to damage, while Ethan, a bioscience college student, starts with a healing item and will regenerate health more quickly. Throughout each game, players can collect a variety of weapons and equipment items, such as shotguns, axes and climbing picks. The game has semi-random enemy and item layouts to make each experience unique. As users collect items, they can combine some to form better tools, or trade items with their teammates. However, with limited inventory space, players will need to determine which items to grab, and which to leave behind. The challenge is further increased by the inability to pause the game.Overall, players must think fast as they solve puzzles and fight the undead scourge, because once they die, they’re out of the game.

While Outbreak was designed for teams of four real players, users can also play offline in a single-player mode. The game also includes three difficulty settings, so users can customize their challenge level.

With the help of friend of Novy Alan Katana, we created the launch trailer for the game:

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