Spring sprung . . . a while ago — so it’s high time for another installment of Novy News! Enjoy 🙂


Still Growing… – We provide an update on our continued supernova explosion . . . including new clients, services, and team members Jay Egger, Jake Scherzer, and Jessey Nettey. We also acknowledge “Friends of Novy” Emmy Jonassen, Pete Markiewicz, Nate Yungkans, and Adam Godoi — and announce cool news from Novy team members Cat Wendt, Blane Humphries, and Drew Utterback.

Bursting with Pride – We brag about several client launches and campaigns:

  • The Spatials
  • Cards & Castles
  • SongArc
  • Warhammer: Arcane Magic
  • VoidExpanse
  • Agent Awesome
  • Breach TD
  • Weaver
  • Kingdom Siege
  • Sky Wings
  • Dreamslide Plus
  • Incredible Circus Remix
  • Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

Team Trenches– We share the Novy team’s experience at GDC 2015, along with Jay Egger’s report from SXSW and the Bloober Team’s San Francisco/Atlanta media tour (with the latter being hosted by our own Blane Humphries). Drew Utterback also posted the fifth and final installment of his series on how to build your own game marketing plan.

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