Get ready to destroy cities as a terrifying monster in Rank17’s Mighty Monster Mayhem — out now on Steam VR / HTC Vive! Choose from five terrifying monsters and go on a rampage in virtual reality, climbing (and destroying) skyscrapers, uprooting trees, throwing vehicles, and even grabbing (and eating) helpless civilians!

Mighty Monster Mayhem places players in the role of a disgraced scientist, who was banished from the scientific community after they became obsessed with proving monsters exist. After experimenting with cryptid DNA, the scientist created a “molecular mutation liquid” that can turn humans into monsters. After all, what better way to prove monsters exist than by becoming one yourself?

Mighty Monster Mayhem allows players to become five different monsters: Carl the Cthulhu, Ronald the Rock, Ian Insectoid, Toni the Oni, and Todd the Gorzilla (a mix between Godzilla and King Kong). Gamers can destroy cities on their own in a single-player mode, as well as challenge or work with friends to cause multiplayer destruction.

Throughout it all, players can use the HTC Vive’s motion controllers to climb buildings, grab and throw items, and otherwise cause total destruction in the world around them. If players earn enough points, they may even land a spot on the game’s leaderboards.

With the help of Novy Unlimited, Mighty Monster Mayhem has been covered by numerous outlets, including Hardcore Gamer, Flickering Myth, and Bleeding Cool.

Mighty Monster Mayhem is available now on Steam VR / HTC Vive for $8.99 — 40 percent off the game’s retail price. The launch sale will end on April 27, so don’t delay!

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