Meridian4 – the indie publisher behind The Silent Age, Schein, and Soulless: Ray of Hope – has rebranded itself as “M4” … a weaponized publisher in service of talented indie developers from all over the globe. Complementing the new name and logo, five solid titles across a multitude of genres have been announced today – all heading to Steam in the third quarter of 2017.

M4: Core Values

With more than 30 years of combined experience, M4’s grizzled veterans know what it takes to properly launch a game – while remaining lean and mean like in the days before Steam and Xbox Live Arcade. Call it a happy marriage between a traditional publisher and an indie-friendly micro-publisher: M4 fights shoulder to shoulder alongside its studios to deliver games that matter.

Whether you’re into old-school platformers, insane stunts, or twisty puzzle-solving, you’ll find something to love in M4’s upcoming titles. The arcade runner AFTERGRINDER – for the speed freaks and masochists among us – is currently available for wishlisting on Steam. Next up is the intriguing Metroidvania title Orange Moon, which will be exiting Steam Early Access in the near future. Other pending releases include the top-down 2D shooter Riskers, the impenetrable The Wall [working title], and Night Lights (tentatively scheduled for 2018), an atmospheric puzzler where familiar objects behave in a peculiar way …

M4: Q3 2017 Roster

*   AFTERGRINDER (Grave Danger Games)

*   Orange Moon (Betelgeuse Zero)

*   Riskers (Shot X Studio)

*   The Wall [working title] (Nvizzio Creations)

*   Night Lights (Bombocracker)

M4 has been featured in a number of outlets – including DarkZero, Gaming Trend, Invision Community, Gaming Cypher, Gamasutra, and HeyPoorPlayer.

Read more about M4 here.