Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown – spiritual successor to Chip’s Challenge – has arrived on the App Store, Steam & Mac App Store. To celebrate the launch, solo developer Tod Powers of National Spork has created an official Strategy Guide akin to the illustrated guides we’d usually find on Nintendo Power, GamePro, and Electronic Gaming Monthly:

Hazmat Hijinks


In Hazmat Hijinks, players must use multicolored hazmat suits for protection as they face chemical spills, walk through irradiated zones, dodge giant viruses, and battle the misguided “Cleaners” – who, on top of being seriously uncool, have also kidnapped Hanford’s pet fox for good measure. Our hero must now clean up the environment with science – solving ever more challenging puzzles in order to eventually recover his beloved pet fox.



Apart from nearly 100 main levels, Hazmat Hijinks also features dozens of fun secrets and Easter eggs – including a secret level and a puzzle that must be solved in real life. Both fans of Chip’s Challenge and newcomers alike will find plenty to do with 40+ hours of gameplay and nerve-wracking, handcrafted puzzles.

Available worldwide on the App Store, Steam, and Mac App Store, Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown has been featured in a number of outlets – including GamesRadar, Flickering Myth, PocketGamer, WorthPlaying, Christ Centered Gamer, and Old School Gamer Magazine.

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