Vietnamese developer Hiker Games has created a rather special post-apocalyptic puzzle game in the form of Gleam. You need to save the last living organism in a game that leverages both hardcore and casual gameplay. 

Using reflective gems, you’ll bring scarce sunlight to the last living plant in this barren world. 40 cleverly designed levels are available with up to three stars to be gained in each, providing you complete things in as few moves as possible. Five stylish environments will keep your interest piqued. You’ll find plenty to do in Gleam as you travel from area to area, sinking into the lush soundtrack as you move along.

In the twilight of a dying world, can you keep hope alive?

Coverage is available on outlets such as Gaming Cypher, Altered Confusion, Invision Community, FanGirl Nation, Hardcore Gamer, and AppAddict.

Help save the world with Gleam — available on the App Store and Google Play.

More information on Gleam and Hiker Games is available here.