Rel.Pink’s Femdemic is out now on Steam and Take control of an advanced bacterial race with the power to induce male-to-female body transformations, one cell at a time, in this kinky and endlessly addictive idle clicker. 

Heavily inspired by Plague Inc., Spaceplan and Pandemic Legacy, Femdemic skillfully weaves trans affirmation, sex positivity, and strategy gameplay into a cohesive whole – serving as the perfect embodiment of Rel.Pink’s slogan, “Be whoever you want to be.” 

The game offers two very different story paths – Liberation and Compliance – that share similar core gameplay: Click to grow bacterial factories, which slowly transform your host’s body into a more feminine form. Once every host has her desired shape, your mission is complete. Of course, nothing on Earth is simple. Even though trans women are happy with their new bodies, transphobic groups threaten to tear the planet apart in their rage. Told from the perspective of the alien bacteria, Femdemic shares witty, often cutting takes on the social and political fallout. 

Femdemic Origins 

Femdemic began as a game jam for Kevin Glaap, the founder of sex-positive, trans-affirming development company Rel.Pink. Completely crowdfunded, Rel.Pink had already amassed a loyal following on Patreon and SubscribeStar. When this community was introduced to Femdemic, their enthusiasm convinced Kevin to release a full game. 

As the development process continued, fans increasingly used Femdemic as a touchpoint to reflect on feminization fetishes, sexuality, gender identity, and transgender experiences. The varied discussions inspired Kevin to use the game to tell two different stories – Liberation and Compliance:

  • Liberation is a wholesome fantasy about gender affirmation. In this path, the bacteria are on a benevolent mission to give trans women the bodies – and self-love – they aspire to. 
  • Compliance is a feminization fetish adventure for mature audiences. To these ruthless bacteria, transforming men into women – and encouraging them to spread the feminization infection through sex – is a means to conquer Earth. 

Key Features

  • Idle Clicker: Grow bacterial factories to infect your hosts.
  • Male-to-Female Transformations: Witness your hosts’ evolution in real time.
  • Tactical Elements: Target specific areas of your host’s body and brain to enhance productivity – and fight against human interference.
  • Strategic Upgrades: Choose carefully to increase productivity.
  • 200+ Outfits & Accessories: Customize your increasingly feminine hosts.
  • Hilarious Dialogue: Enjoy astute alien commentary on what it means to be human.
  • Specializations: Unlock options for your host – ranging from Redhead to Bunny Girl.
  • Two Distinct Story Modes: Liberation Mode and Compliance Mode.


Femdemic is now available on Steam and

Learn more about Femdemic here.